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The US College Admissions Process & Test Preparation Explained:  In this video Joanna Severino, President & Founder of Prepskills explains the US College & University Admission process for Canadian Students, how to increase your chances of success on applications, considerations for student athletes, and important deadlines and preparation for all students to be aware of.


College & University Planning for Student Athletes: This video is for student athletes considering their options in the US. Some of the topics covered in this virtual panel presentation included the NCAA process, tips on how student athletes can still stay active in their sport and top of their game, NAIA and NCAA definitions, college application processes for student athletes, studying in the USA, college admission for student athletes and a whole lot more!


PSAT & SAT Tests, The US College & University Admissions Process & timelines for Canadian Students


Character Strength & Why This Matters on US College /University Applications from Canadian Students


Why Mock Exams/Practice Tests can help Canadian students get accepted to a US College or University


SAT vs ACT tests for US college & university application process for Canadians- tips for students


The US Application Process & Common Mistakes that Canadian students need to avoid when applying


The Admissions Process to US Colleges/Universities for Canadian Student Athletes


US College & University Admission process for Canadian students looking to pursue education in USA


Scholarship options for Canadian pursuing US college and university- how to fund post secondary education


How to understand the US college and university application process, scholarships & best fit school