Student Information
Commencement and Grad Gown Information
The size of a graduation gown is determined by the wearer's height. The gown is designed to reach down to the wearer's mid-calf. 
Full Fit sizing provides more room (are wider) for the wearer than a regular size gown.

Height should be measured with flat shoes or barefoot - no heels.

Grad Anecdote

Your grad anecdote is what will be read as you cross the stage and receive your diploma at the Commencement ceremony. As this is a formal event, it is important that your anecdote is appropriate for the occasion. This is not the time/place for “inside jokes,” shout-outs to your significant other, etc. Your anecdote should be no more than 20 words maximum.
If you have aleardy completed a hard copy of this form, please submit it to Mrs. Isaak (Rm. C250), Mrs. Miller (D2009), Ms. Blaschek (D2011) or Mrs. Fischer (office) for approval.
Your options:

  •  Your post-secondary plans, career plans, or life goals: Ex: “Sam intends to get his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing at UBC, leading to his dream job of being a Psychiatric Nurse".
  • Thanking your parents, teachers, or significant life influences: Ex: “Jenny would like to thank Mrs. Smith for teaching her the value of hard work and determination. Thanks for never giving up on me!”


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