Financial Awards

Student Services and the Career Advisor support students to become excellent potential applicants for all scholarships, bursaries and other financial awards by way of encouragement to pursue academic success as well as a diversified extra-curricular experience.  Grade 12 students can participate in the SD # 33 District Scholarship Program that is generously supported by local individuals, service clubs, businesses and other organizations and their contributions to the future of our young people is greatly appreciated.

Scholarship season generally runs from October to March.  Students are encouraged to engage with the Career Advisor early in order to be best prepared.  Students are also encouraged to visit the Provincial Scholarship page to find out about the process for application.  

To be amongst the best qualified applicants, students are encouraged to begin planning their extracurricular activities and volunteer experiences starting already in grade 10, and work diligently through grades 10, 11 and 12.

Generally, applicants are considered on the following areas: strong academics; connections to school and community; and financial need can be a consideration.


Choose BC Day

To connect with Brittany Palmer, our Choose BC Day presenter, please email her at

To access the Unlock your Future, The Key to Scholarships website, please click on the link below.