External Awards

The recipients of these awards are decided upon by donors, those groups or individuals who give the award.


Due: February 25, 2021,  by the end of lunch.  No late applications accepted.


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  • External Standard Awards "School Mails - complete the standard application package.
  • External Specific Awards"School Mails - complete the organization's specific application form and staple together.  The school submits the "specific package to the donor group for you. Please note that the most recent application will be used. Not all organizations update their application annually.  
  • External Specific Awards"Student Mails" - Complete the organization's specific application and the student mails in as deadlines are different than the school's deadlines.  Student is 100% responsible for the application and getting it to the donor group.


STEP 1: Review all All Externals List (see PDF below) and take note of all Awards for which you qualify.

STEP 2: Determine whether or not the awards you are applying for requires a Standard Application Form (see Word document below) or has its own Specific Application Form.

STEP 3: Prepare your Application Packages and make appropriate photocopies

STEP 4: For all External Standard Applications attach the following documents in this order:

  • Standard Application Form (which includes: Career Statement (future goals and career objectives) and Activities Resume)
  • If applying for an External Standard award that asks for an essay, place essay right after the Standard form
  • Awards/ Scholarship Resume (optional)
  • Budget:  Please complete the budget sheet.  The link for that sheet is found at the bottom of page 1 of the Application or below under downloadable files
  • A copy of your School Transcript of Grades and current report card
  • Letters of Reference (no more than 3). (Keep the originals and submit photocopies).
  • Additional supplemental documentation (optional)

STEP 5: Organize each External Award Application Packages (Standard and Specific).

STEP 6: On top of your pile of Alphabetically sorted packages attach an External Checklist (see PDF below).  Only 1 checklist is required and needs to be handed in to the career advisor.

Note: for "Student Mail In" applications- Mail directly to donor to meet the deadline date given.

Information & Announcements

School Supply List for the 2020-21 School Year

The items listed below are considered the basic equipment for students coming to G. W. Graham.

It is intended as a guide and students may find that additional supplies may be required based on the courses they are enrolled in.

Teacher will be communicating these lists at the beginning of the 2020-21 school year.

3 ring binder

Red & blue pens

HP pencils


Packages of lined paper (600 sheets total,.as a minimum)

3 packages of dividers (5 dividers in each package)

| Choose BC Day
| Terry Fox Run
| Orange Shirt Day
| Photo Retakes
| Principal's Reception
| Thanksgiving Day
| Start of Octet 2
| Early Dismissal